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No time to wait: lyrics and a lesson from my great granny

This is a story about my great granny and grandpa. Their families didn’t approve of their relationship so they emigrated to South Africa to be together.

It’s a song about jumping, taking a risk without knowing how the story is going to turn out. I’m the kind of person who wants to know all the facts before jumping in, but this is a story about all-in, heart and soul kind of love, it’s the kind of love I want to live.

No time to wait

by Tina Boonstra and Barnabas Shaw

Summer 1923, Poppa to takes Nanna to the old oak tree

Where he first told her ‘I love you’ and they kissed.

This time he says things have to change, it’s better for you if we part ways

Cause I can’t build the life here you deserve to live.

And your dad has said it more than once

I will never be his son

We can fight him but you know he’ll never listen

Nanna takes his arm, she takes a breath

She pulls him close until the air between them disappears

She says, ‘You're the only life I want to live

So if it’s oceans, ships, deserts darling I’ll take the risk

Can you hear my heart is calling please don’t play it safe

I got new life here with your name on it there’s no time to wait

No time to wait no no no no, no time to wait no no no no

Winter 1924, Poppa took the boat six months ago

And he’s working in the desert diamond mines

He writes her letters every week, ‘I keep your picture close to me

And I’m dreaming of the moment you’ll be by my side’

When the day arrives that she leaves home,

Her mother begs her not to go

She fights the tears until she’s on the boat alone

And then she pulls his loving letters to her heart

And prays to God that nothing’s changed in the months they’ve been apart

He writes, ‘I promise you my love, you’re all I want’

There’s a life out here I know it and when you’re with me it can start

If you’re ready

Then I’m ready

If you’re calling I’ll come running to you

Across the oceans making my way to you

Can you hear my heart is calling, calling?

Can you hear my heart is calling, calling?

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