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Proof of life: lyrics and a note to self

Note to self - usually hard stuff does get easier in the end. Sometimes when you’re in a situation that’s hard, it can feel like this is gonna be it for the rest of time. This is a note I wrote to myself to remember that nothing actually stays the same. Even the hardest times, do eventually change.

Proof of life

by Tina Boonstra

Days bleed into days I know that I should not complain

I’ve got roof, I’ve got a bed I see my friends sometimes

But this is not the life I had in mind,

I tell you for thousandth time

You turn to me and smile

You look me in the eyes and say, come on, T just

Hold on, hold on to hope

There's more in you I know

there’s more in you I know

There will be days after these days, after these lonely days

There will be years after this year, after this crooked year

There will be life after this life, trust me that's no lie

And all this in the middle counts as proof of life

Work, eat, sleep repeat oh it’s the same thing every week

All that I move, more than inch watch it start to slip

And you, broken and bruised, you’re feeling it too,

Well maybe it’s our dreams are too big?

You turn to me and smile

You look me in the eyes and say, come on, T just

And when it all just gets too much

Try your best to look up

See the stars if you can,

call an old, old friend

When it all gets too tough

Take a deep breath count to ten

It might not be much but in the summer we can start again

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